Pompei Collection
Pompei Collection
Pompei Collection represents other types of exotic wood species not just Oak. The standard size is 7.5'' (190mm) wide by 5/8''(15mm) thick with a 2mm wear layer. The species available include China Birch, Alder, Black Walnut, Canadian Maple, Red Oak, Acacia small leaf...etc. Pompei series tries to meet some people's special needs for ''difference'' of the floor they have in their home.

The Birch Antique is a newly developed product with a quite close look to Quarter-sawn Oak. The product is in deep wire brushing to imitate the straight grains of Oak. Compared to the Quarter-sawn Oak in the same specifications, the cost of this product is surely much lower and more affordable to buyers.

Two Alder products are also interesting with its beautiful look. One Alder is imitated with a Black Walnut appearance but in a much lower cost.

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