Tibet, in the eyes of lot of people, it is a beautiful and mysterious place. Tibet has a unique culture of its own, the development of Sunergy’s Tibet product line comes from our respects to its its artistic wonders, architectures, culture and religion. Tibet collection comes in a 285mm width by 2200mm length with a 3mm thick Birch veneer. The surface of plank is specially treated with our technical team’s imagination and creation. The Birch wear layer is fire burnt and sawn-cut distressed and wire-brushed, you will be amazed to see such a unique product which you have never seen in this wood flooring industry.
- Specifictions
Species Birch
Construction Engineered, Multiply, T&G
Type Heavy-brushed & Distressed, Smoked
Size available 11-1/4’’
Grade ABCD
Total thickness 3/4’’(3mm sawn-cut wear layer)
Length(s) 86-3/5’’
Edge profile Micro-beveled edges
Finish UV Oil Finish
Approved installation methods Glue, Nail and Floating